Thursday, November 6, 2014

Seeing Nature Everywhere

El Toro del jugo de las uvas.  I don't know what possessed me to give this photo a Spanish name.  Perhaps it was an undeleted memory of a juice wagon in Quito that advertised "jugo de cana."  The crude-looking but sturdy wagon had piles of fresh-cut cane sugar and a blender and several one-gallon water jugs.  Theoretically, one could get cane juice by blending some water with one or more stalks of cane, and maybe strain out the insoluble fibers.  Problem is, behind a little curtain in the bottom of the wagon were 5-pound packages of C&H sugar.  Aha!  No fiber.  No need for a filter.  No vitamins, either.
Anyway, while I was fixing our morning porridge, I saw this grape juice stain on the ceramic tile next to the stove.  It was a spill from my wife's smoothie.  But I immediately saw the image of a bull, and all these unrelated images and memories came together.  Enjoy.
P. S.  If you read this earlier, I apologize for the ridiculous typos I missed.  Hopefully, they're all fixed.

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