Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Shadow of My Former Self

I cast this shadow in Chico around Noon today.  It is now almost four and I feel like a completely different person.  Probably because I'm home after a long drive of 400 miles.  During my Chico pit stop, I carried my camera around, but had trouble getting inspired, although this sucker on a Sycamore Tree caught my eye.  I was only a block from the Farmers Market, yet the leaves impressed me more so I skipped the market.  There were lots of beautiful things to see during my half hour walk downtown, but I really wanted to get home, so I couldn't get inspired to take more pictures.
Since I don't look at these like a horticulturist might, I don't care for the word "sucker."  I think of them as ornaments.
In this slightly closer view, the bark started to get my attention.  If I hadn't rushed off, I might have found some bugs in the cracks.  Next time.

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