Monday, November 10, 2014

Not Photoshopped, but....

The Hollyhock reminds me of certain Georgia O'Keefe paintings.  The bee reminds me of one of my favorite photos of all time, the bee hovering at the entrance to a Lupine blossom that graced the home page of Plumas County's Bloom Blog for a couple of years.  Most of all, my response to scenes like this is what gave me the urge to try something similar in one of my writing classes.  Since nearly all blossoms and bugs have gone away for the winter, I pulled out around 40 of my 8x10 prints, mostly of bugs in, on, and around flowers, but also a few frogs, lizards, and spiders.  The students were to sort through the prints, choose one, then write a page or so in response.  They were asked to pretend they were outside seeing the scene in real life and keeping a nature journal.  The result was some of their best writing of the semester.  With their permission, I'll start posting their work this afternoon.

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