Monday, April 21, 2014

It Would've Taken Muir Two Months

 Or William Bartram might have taken a year.  That is, to cover around 600 miles of California byways.  I took one day.  It was exciting to attend my son's Senior Concert at HSU where he is a graduating music major.  But, I had to make the round trip in one day.  Since I brought my camera and notebooks, I was determined to enjoy some roadside exploring along the way, and that necessitated driving through the night in order to get back in time to teach a class on Monday.  I'll report on the flowers and animals I saw in three or four posts of which this is number 1.    For this evening, dear readers, enjoy the photos.  I'm too tired to post the narrative.  I'll just say this first set were taken at my first stop in the middle of the Feather River Canyon.  There were a couple of other "hot spots" that I'll cover in part 2, and then there was the stretch on Hwy 299 from Redding to Arcata where I saw plants and animals I hadn't seen in over a year.  A very enjoyable trip, especially the concert, but the whole time I was longing for the day when I could take a month or two to cover the same stretch.  Maybe this summer.  When I'm rested, I'll post photo IDs and nature notes.

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