Friday, April 11, 2014


The emergence of young Horsetails, Equisetum sp., at the edge of a drainage ditch I pass every day on the walk up to my office, inspired me greatly.  The tips of the branches were tipped with dew drops. (Click to enlarge and get a better look at the dew.)  My serious, aesthetic response was trumped by a silly response - the phrase Dew Drop Inn popped into my mind.  I got to thinking about variations on the phrase that have been used to name businesses, and I couldn't stop.  I surfed the Internet for a while and found "Dew Drop Inn," "Dew Drop In," "Do Drop Inn," and "Do Drop In."
All of them were bed and breakfast operations or bars.  So, here I am sharing my distraction.  Maybe it was all a symptom of having so much work to do today that there was no time for a genuine nature walk. 
Since I am now officially on Spring Break, I am going to take a hike with camera and notebook at least every other day until school resumes.  Following the recent rains we're having warm days, and I'm seeing the young leaves of many different wildflowers that should be blooming really soon.  Stay tuned.

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