Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Critters on the move

The Monday night snow didn't turn out to be as awesome as forecast.  In fact, this afternoon was quite sunny, and the animals that might have gone into hiding for a while were out and about again.  This morning I saw a large group of wild turkeys in the grassy area between the main buildings of the upper campus with no apparent fear of the human traffic all around them.  Then, on the way down to my car in the afternoon I heard lots of ground squirrels scurrying around in the oak forest along the eastern side of campus and a herd of six deer in the large grassy area behind the library, the former site of a great Fall Festival in the late 70's.  Shakespeare and all of that.  The foot tall Corn Lilies that were a bit battered by the snow have regained their upright stature and look no worse for the wear.  I'm looking forward to the wildflower blooming that will likely follow as the days warm. 
All these stirrings of creatures were punctuated by this slightly hidden scene behind the nursing building.  When this little spot is framed by a close-up photo, it reminds me of the swamps of Louisiana and Florida where I spent many enjoyable days in college learning about fish, amphibians and reptiles.  When I look at this spot, I always visualize alligators.  When it gets a little warmer this spot will become the home of the invasive but delightful Bullfrogs.

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