Saturday, March 2, 2013


For the previous post I numbered the photos one through twelve, then discovered that number two did not post.  Here it is.  About a half mile south of the spot where I photographed Lassen Peak I spotted this great Osprey nest on top of a California Incense Cedar.  Most of the trees along this stretch seem to be around 200 feet tall.  How did I spot this nest?  By not looking at the road as carefully as I should.  In spring, when I get more daily practice, I usually drive right on by a sighting like this until I find a safe place to turn around, then come back and park only in a safe place and walk to a good place to take the photos.  Honest!  Now, you do the same.  I don't know my bird nests really well, but I'm guessing this one's Osprey because of the location and the fact that I've seen Osprey in this area.  I've seen Bald Eagles on the other end of the lake, but never here.  I would imagine that residents and Audubon Society regulars know this nest and its residents like neighbors.

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