Friday, March 1, 2013

Around Fredonyer Pass

 Despite the cold weather, the south-facing slopes around Fredonyer Pass were picking up enough heat from the sun to hint at spring. Here the Mahala Mat looks a little yellowish, but will become a darker blue-green later.  The flower buds are showing, though, and I'm confident that spring will arrive eventually.
 There are some great lichens near the summit, this patch on a fallen-limb of California Incense Cedar. 
 The Juniper had lots of healthy-looking berries, but the foliage is rather dull grey.  Presumably it'll green up soon. 
 Here's a juniper dwarfed by a tall Incense Cedar.  Lots of lichen near the top. 
 This chimney has been standing longer than I have.  It's a couple miles west of Fredonyer Summit.  Used to be a Chevron station among other things. 
Near the chimney. this is the view southward toward Quincy.  These photos are from Thursday's trip.  I went to Susanville again today, but the new set of photos and story will have to wait until tomorrow.  I picked up a serious sore throat and I've been fighting an eye infection.  It was sunny today, so I got some nice photos.  A good night's sleep will put me in the mood to tell about them tomorrow.

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