Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sharing Nature with City Dwellers

These images were captured within walking distance of my house. When I choose to put them on greeting cards, I wonder who will receive them.  When out of town visitors buy my cards at Main Street Artists Gallery, I enjoy finding out where they are from and to whom they might send the cards.  More often than not, they are from large cities and are intrigued that these natural wonders are so accessible to those of us who live here.  I don't think I could live in a city without parks.  In places like Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and Central Park in New York City, one can imagine being in the wilderness.  If you live in a large city without parks, it just takes more creative looking to connect with the natural world.  For example, while attending college in several large cities, I never took pigeons for granted.  And, in some cities, owls and peregrine falcons have taken up residence on tall buildings.  And, here's a salute to the weeds.  They always manage to find a way to survive in cities.  I've discovered many wonders in cracks in the sidewalks.  How does one explain crawling around on hands and knees on a city sidewalk?  Maybe say that you dropped a contact lens.  If anyone stoops down to help, you could then introduce them to what you're really looking at!   Spread the joy.

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