Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Got Blogged Down

I have three projects going at once - or is it four?  Got a bit behind on my blogging.  I used to try to maintain an average of one post per day.  So, I'll take this opportunity to advertise three projects that are on the drawing board.
First, is my Valentine's Day project.  I am an exhibiting member of Main Street Artists gallery where currently my photo greeting cards and two framed photos are on display.  For the month of February the gallery will have a Valentine's theme.  I am producing a Commonplace Book (definition and explanation to follow soon) with a Valentine's theme.  The top two images here, plants with heart-shaped leaves, have inspired some original sketches that will be in that book.  The bottom image, a flower variously named Harvest Brodiaea, Cluster Lily, etc., etc., will be a part of a small book(let) that will be the first in a series of Natural History "zines."  Volume 1 will be called Those Elusive Lilioids."  I hope to publish it electronically, although a limited number of hard copies will be produced.  Back to the drawing board - more to follow soon.

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