Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Out of my element, seeking beauty....

This post is dedicated to Rex Burriss of Oroville, fellow naturalist and friend.  My blog is almost entirely devoted to celebrating native plants, animals and fungi in the vicinity of my home town of Quincy punctuated by occasional political commentary.  A while back, Rex introduced me via e.mails to the Pistache tree which puts on a wonderful show of color around his home town as well as around the malls in nearby Chico.  On this past Monday, some friends and I drove to Davis to see the artwork of a sketchbook artist we admire, one Pete Scully.  A show of his work is at the public library during the month of November.  But the library was closed for the week!!!!  I see that now as a blessing in disguise - we found the color of the pistache trees around the library to be spectacular.  I must admit that if we had become absorbed in Pete Scully's wonderful art, the pistache trees around the parking lot might not have gotten our attention.  Today, just before posting these photos, I checked me e.mail, and lo and behold there was a message from Rex with a photo of a pistache tree near Oroville.  Thank you Rex, and Happy Thanksgiving. 

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