Friday, November 25, 2011

Cat Positions

I couldn't resist getting this photo of our newest kitten, Dulce.  As he gets used to our home, he sometimes seems very tame and intelligent.  At other times, he's very wild and intelligent.  It's fun to watch him practice hunting skills with ping pong balls, pencils, and random scraps of paper, then graduate to practicing on our older cats.  So far, our dogs ignore him, probably because they know they could squash him like a bug or swallow him whole. 
I recently viewed a video called "My Life as a Turkey" and was amazed.  Those birds are smart!!  Also saw a video of octopi.  They, too, seemed much smarter than I would ever have imagined.  Between these videos and my cat, it seems obvious that intelligence comes in many forms and that humans differ in degree and style from other animals but are not necessarily of superior intelligence.  In fact, if you pay much attention to the current campaigns for president, you might  conclude that we rank below cockroaches. 
Our cat often assumes positions that make me think.  That's more than most of my elementary school teachers did.  I guess that's another sign of their intelligence.

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