Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Cat Position

I do a lot of my best creative thinking on the other side of the wall behind this coolest of cats.  Watching this cat assume his/her position in front the Alley Cat cafe, I was reminded of two things.  First, an old poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti that begins "Sometime during eternity...."  The poet uses jazz musician terminology to describe a Christmas theme.  Jesus is a cool cat, and "the cat who really laid it on us is his Dad...."  At least one theme in the poem is the futility of petitionary prayer.  Knowing Ferlinghetti, there are probably several more themes that I missed.  Second, I'm reminded of a wonderful passage in Hannah Hinchman's book, A Trail Through Leaves, in which she compares getting used to various artists' tools to learning the idiosyncrasies of individual cats in terms of what they and their owners expect out of their relationships.  The way one cat likes to be stroked might make another cat angry.  Likewise, we need to learn the nuances of different pens, brushes, papers, etc., and make sure our expectations of their performance fits with what they are capable of delivering.  To me, Hinchman's description of this process reads like poetry.  I am finding that humans' relationships with pets, just as their relationships with the wilderness, reveals more about us that warrants introspection.
With that said, our youngest cat is due to be neutered.  After the process is completed, I suspect I'll  have more to report on cat positions.

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