Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Wednesday Adventure

Lawn mowing was long overdue. On a whim, I decided to cut around the lone daisy (third photo) that had been the home of an Ambush Bug for over a week before she disappeared. The very next day, she was back! Another plant that amuses me but aggravates true lawn fanatics is the dandelion. The one pictured here (fourth photo) was blooming at a height of around 10" before the mowing. It was cut during the mowing, but sent up a new stem and bloomed over night. The really stubborn ones will eventually bloom below the level of the mower's blades. I find that adaptation admirable. These two new photos of the Ambush Bug seem a bit better than my last set. Note the over-sized front pair of legs, capable of ambushing bugs much larger than their owner's.

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