Monday, September 12, 2011

Four Days Later

Four days ago I reported on the return of the Oak Treehoppers to the California Black Oaks along my driveway. They're endured thunderstorms, rain, and temperature swings, not to mention my daily inspections with camera. Today they're in the same spot on the same two branches, the youngsters looking a little more mature, and the mama looking as elegant as ever. I've inspected at least 100 branches and found these critters on only two. The second photo shows a lot of leave buds of the oak, the structures the treehoppers are mimicking. I'll continue to watch and maybe discover the other color phase in the adults - the red and white striped ones.
There's been an interesting wildflower response to the recent rains. Will report on that tomorrow. I'm heading out right now to get some photos.

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