Thursday, December 16, 2010


A sunny day between storms, and everything with sun on it seemed beautiful. The deciduous trees and shrubs look dead, unless you get up close. Then you see lots of colors, patterns, and next spring's leaf buds. [Details and photos tomorrow a.m., along with more notes on "Everything Connected."]
Well, it's "tomorrow evening," so I'm a little late. On yesterday's drive through the "sticks," because of the rarity of the sun this month, the bark of willows, wild cherries, and others literally glowed. I could have taken many photos and made many drawings of sections of branches of just one specimen of wild cherry - not sure if it was Bitter Cherry or Choke Cherry - but I didn't have time. I actually stopped at this particular turn-out to check on the condition of the dried up Gum Plant. They were quite deteriorated, but the colorful bark of several nearby shrubs and small trees captivated me. Meanwhile, we've had at least six inches of new snow today, the first day of what promises to be a solid week of the white stuff. So, be expecting some snow photos - unless I revert to some indoor "still lifes."

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