Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Imagining Otters Playing

A brief comment tonight after a very long day. I stopped by this stretch of Indian Creek where last year I happened upon an otter who rose out of the river, climbed a rock and stared at me for quite a while. Then he/she jumped into the water and was quickly joined by what appeared to be a mate and two youngsters. They swam around the large pool - I'm tempted to say "frolicked" - and eventually disappeared below the surface. I never did see where they resurfaced. For over a year now, every time I stop here, which is usually twice a week, I look for otters. When I don't see them, I imagine them - playing. But, what is play? I asked my students and they said "the opposite of work." But, what if you enjoy your work? I wish the otters could talk and explain this to me. The barely visible bridge behind me and to the right in the photo crosses Indian Creek at the Greenville Y, one of my all-time favorite spots to explore.

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