Monday, January 15, 2018

Memories Deleted - Almost

 I've always been fascinated by phone booths, but they are disappearing.  See evidence above.  My high school history teacher and senior class advisor told us stories of his days as a hobo traveling by box car during the depression and how he found a way to steal money from pay phones without damaging them. My buddies and I tried the method and failed.  Fortunately we also failed to get arrested for attempted robbery.  I never did find out if our teacher's stories were true.
Around that same stage of life I used to love watching Rod Serling's Twilight Zone. In one episode a cowboy from the 19th Century was transported via a time machine to modern day New York City.  He arrived in one of those glass-enclosed phone booths with the accordion doors which were closed.  He didn't know how to open the door, so he panicked and smashed his way out and drew his six-guns on the sidewalk as he was also panicking by being surrounded by more people than he had ever seen back in the 19th Century.  A couple years after high school, I found myself in a phone booth in Florida during a warm, torrential rain.  There must have been several dozen tree frogs sharing the space with me.  It was weird, and I wondered why frogs would try to get out of the rain.  Must have been the perfect combination of temperature and humidity, and maybe density of mosquitos.  I could go on and on with phone booth memories, stimulated by my parking in front of the decommissioned phone booth in the above photo near Trader Joe's in Reno.  I felt really sad to see this, and I finally got motivated to take my first (and hopefully last) "selfie" with my iPhone.  I was a reluctant adopter of this technology, and still avoid getting addicted.  It's a tool to fulfill my obligations for family communication.  I even hate the word "selfie."  Just a few years ago it meant "an extremely selfish or self-centered person."  I guess there's probably some correlation between the meanings then and now.  It's late Monday night, and I look pretty sad posing by the disarmed phone booth, so I vow to post some sort of happy scene before bedtime.  Something related to natural history perhaps.

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