Thursday, June 16, 2016

Butterfly Valley, Part 2

 I think this is the prettiest flower that's been "under my nose" for several years without my noticing it.  On Saturday's field trip, I stopped with the CNPS group to look at the Lemmon's Wild Ginger that I photograph at this spot every summer.  My knees were actually smashing some of these orchids without my realizing it.  Thank you, CNPS, for showing me a new plant species. It's called Twablade, and it's an orchid.  Click on each photo for a closer view.

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  1. Nice find, Joe! That is a lovely plant. I was actually looking for it when I visited Butterfly Valley on June 5th, but was unsuccessful. I was probably too early, but maybe I was just searching in the wrong area. Did you find it at Fern Glen (just past the Butterfly Valley sign)? Cheers, Tim