Saturday, March 19, 2016

On this date in 2012

 On yesterday's walk around the FRC nature trail, I was hoping to find some bright colors.  No luck, although I did get a few interesting photos.  This morning I felt nostalgic and went back to my March 19th photos for the past several years.  Here are a few from my favorite March 19th which happens to be the one in 2012.

The Southern Long-toed Salamander lacks lungs.  It is a skin breather, and  in order to breathe, the skin must remain moist.  So, it was important that after taking the photographs I returned it to the moist habitat from which I borrowed it.
Most people hate Earwigs, but when you come across one protecting its eggs, it's hard not to find a soft spot for them.  But then I've never had one get into my ear.
I love weird names of plants, and this is one of my favorites, a mint called Henbit Dead Nettle, or sometimes just Henbit.

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