Thursday, March 17, 2016

All fired up again!

 A couple of sunny days was all it took.  A very brief walk around the upper campus of FRC this afternoon brought out some of my springtime favorites.  The Pacific Chorus Frog, Pseudacris regilla, was hopping ahead of me on the lawn, probably looking for a hole to hide in.  She didn't seem to mind being picked up for a photo.  I took several and she didn't hop off.  When I first moved to California this was still called the Pacific Tree Frog and the scientific name was Hyla regilla.  DNA "fingerprinting" changes everything.
 The first native wildflower I've photographed was this Spring Whitlow Grass, known by many other common names, but the scientific name is Draba verna, and it's in the Mustard Family, Brassicaceae.  These are very tiny, perhaps 1/3" in diameter, and blend into the lawn so well they can go unnoticed unless there's a dense patch, which there was today near the FRC parking lot.
Near several of the seasonal creeks that make their way through campus are new shoots of Corn Lily, Veratrum californicum.  The tallest one here is about 10", and by mid-summer many will reach a height of 4' or more and be topped by clusters of white flowers. I will now be sure to carry my camera and notebooks wherever I go.

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