Saturday, February 13, 2016

Watch out for lazy dogs!

 It is not my usual style to make a joke out of death.  However, for many people, seeing a "real" fox under any circumstances is a rare to non-existent event.  When I see a nocturnal animal DOR, I usually always stop to take a closer look.  I marvel at the creature's existence, its beauty - even if somewhat damaged - and contemplate its continuance into the cycle of life with the aid of scavengers.  Ironically, just before I came across this unfortunate specimen, I had bought the day's S. F. Chronicle which featured an archival photo of a fox on the front page - "above the fold" no less.
I photographed the photo on the front seat of my truck, and here it is.
This is how my nature photography excursion began.  My goal was to check out the behavior of my new (old) truck on a dirt road - Old Keddie Highway - then head to the Greenville Y which is my favorite spot to record the earliest Spring wildflowers.  Although I found no blooming flowers, I found many signs of emerging Spring, and I declared the trip a success.  It definitely renewed my urge to resume blogging more regularly.  Photos of the remainder of this trip will follow shortly.

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