Sunday, February 28, 2016

Getting impatient....

 There's supposed to be snow on the ground, but there isn't.  Instead of sitting around wishing for snow - which will not produce results - I find myself thinking "hell, if we're going to skip winter, let's get spring started" then hitting the trails in search of wildflowers.  That's what I did a few days ago, and I found Mother Nature to be teasing me.  Encountered the earliest leaves of Dusky Horkelia, Shooting Star, Death Camus, and Red Larkspur, but no "real" flowers.  However, when I calmed down and found more satisfaction in what I was actually seeing, rather than what I was wishing for, the flowering Pussy Willows (above) seemed more beautiful than ever.  Then I stretched the meaning
of flower from the strictly botanical to the aesthetic and thought of the Bird's Nest Fungus (above) to be sufficiently flower-like to bring great satisfaction.  One of these days I hope to be in the vicinity of these little wonders when a raindrop lands in one these cups and causes the "eggs," which are actually spore cases, to explode and distribute the spores in every direction. 
Meanwhile, I will probably take mini-excursions ever day, hoping to catch the first bloom of Shelton's Violets, Shooting Star, Rock Cress, and other local early-birds.  And, in the back of my mind, continue to plot my first trip of the year to Table Mountain where the excitement of spring wildflowers has already begun.


  1. Soon Joe! They are starting down here in the Chico area. Let me know when you head to Table Mountain, I would love to go if I can.

    1. HI SPENCER:At the moment, I'm thinking either the 12th or the 26th. With the current rains and forecast, I'm leaning toward the 26th. Your thoughts?

    2. Hey Joe,

      Either works for me. Just let me know!



    3. The 12th and 19th are out, so I'm definitely targeting the 26th. It will ne nice to meet up again.