Thursday, November 26, 2015

Winter Ecology

 Cat footprints in the freshly fallen snow reminded me that there's a lot more going on at this time of year than meets the eye - or most eyes.  I got these two photos around sunrise by my car, but it was so cold, I didn't bother to bring my camera with me to work.  Wouldn't you know, the snow-covered "green" on the way up to the classrooms was decorated with many signs of early morning activity.  Most prominent were the many wild turkey footprints.  There were also deer prints, Raven Prints, and photogenic leaves and mushroom caps covered with snow.  By Noon, the snow had melted and taken all this evidence with it. 
Young firs at the edge of my driveway looked really nice with a fresh layer of snow.  No need for a snowblower yet. There was fresh bear poop on Boyle and Coburn Streets, but no tipped-over trash cans.  It was nice to see the snow, but not all of my students from Florida were glad to see it.

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