Sunday, November 1, 2015

Introduction to November

 A walk in the woods by my house gave me what might be the seasons last look at certain colors and features.  One forecast calls for snow by mid-week.  I'd like to be optimistic about that, but....
Most of the dogwoods in this area have dropped their leaves, but a few trees in my neighborhood still show some color. (above)
 In keeping with my love of small things, here's a really cute little mushroom surrounded by moss, and next to a Douglas-fir cone for scale.
A leaf of Cascara Buckthorn lit from behind.  The ones by my driveway have lost nearly all their leaves which makes each remaining leaf seem special.  After this walk, I went down by the Plumas County Courthouse where there's lots of fall color - Mountain Ash, Sweetgum, Maple, Sycamore, Incense Cedar, and more.  Will post some of those photos tomorrow.

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