Sunday, January 19, 2014

Writer's Guilt

 You've heard of writer's block, but writer's guilt?  I've been suffering the latter.  Full of ideas and pockets full of writing ideas in tiny notebooks, but not enough time.  Tonight, while I was cooking a stir fry, my mind wandered to several recent blog entries in which I posted photos and promised that related text would soon follow.  But I haven't managed to post those texts yet.  Meanwhile, the colors of the vegetables I was gathering for the stir fry struck me as so beautiful that I had to run to get the camera.  The above photo shows all the veggies I used.  Other ingredients included two scrambled eggs, soy sauce, sesame oil, black pepper, and Tabasco.  This mixture was stir fried then combined with egg noodles that had been boiled separately.
 I love how different patterns are revealed depending on which angle a cut is made.  Above we have a mid-saggittal view and a transverse view of mushrooms, and uncut celery.
 Concentric circles on the ends of scallions revealed after cutting off the roots.
 Mexican tomatoes.  Very beautiful, although I did have a flashback memory of the fact that our leftover DDT went there after Rachel Carson managed to bring a stop to its use in the USA (as far as I know). 
 Bell peppers look nice and geometrical in transect.  I think I need to pose all three colors together.  Maybe the next time I do stir fry or fajitas.

 Angular view, showing the difference in texture of the inner and outer surfaces.
A pile of chopped scallions finishes the job.  I didn't photograph the frying process.  Tomorrow I hope to get back to those unfinished texts.   I'll also post photos from a very interesting hike my wife and I took yesterday just north of the college.

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  1. I'm in the same boat Joe! Internet finally up and running, much to write and post about. Looking forward to hearing about all your wonderful ideas!