Sunday, January 5, 2014

Experiment Over

 Here's what she looked like on December 28, and now ...
 on January 5, it is obvious that it's time to take her off life-support.  There's still a little green, but
we have at least two months of winter ahead, and I don't think she was meant to be kept above ground during winter.  I am curious about what species my weed was, but with the record I've kept since November 6, the day of the rescue, I can watch the area when her kin sprout and start to grow in the spring and then I'll report what the weed was.  If you missed the beginning of this story, scroll back to November 6, the day of the rescue.


  1. :( I think the drought may have deceived our little weed into believing it was Spring, when in fact Winter had not arrived when you rescued her. I'm sad to see her die, but look forward to other weedy strays you may bring home. Adopt a Weed Today!

  2. I've been thinking this one might have been a member of the Brassicaceae. Several of them sprout early, like Spring Whitlow Grass. I can hardly wait.