Sunday, April 5, 2009

Black Oak Naturalist

Hello out there! I am a high school and community college teacher and amateur naturalist/photographer. My main loves include my family, the Sierra Nevada,changing seasons, natural history explorations, academic inquiry in general, and newspapers and conversations in my favorite coffee shop. My main peeves are environmental degradation, ignorant attacks (redundant?) on science teaching in general and evolutionary theory in particular, unnecessary noise, hyperactivity characteristic of cities, and out-of-control consumerism.

I'll be posting photos and previews of essays I hope to publish. My publishing company, in existence for over a year, is called Black Oak Publishing. Not yet on the web, but hope to have two titles in print before year's end.

The photos of my two kids still at home are Ryan, 15, (top right) who loves bugs, and Tahlah, 13, (top left) who loves most bugs. The photo of the yellow violet (click on it for enlargement) contains a pair of ants mating which I didn't see when I took the photo.

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