Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Running out of month...

 I received a compliment for my last post, and in response, I promised to get back to more regular postings.  Then I was shocked to see that I had ZERO posts in the month of November. So, here are a few end-of-month observations.  The beautiful Lepidopteran above was on the window of the entrance to the school cafeteria the day before Thanksgiving break.  Hungry as I was, I had to stop and pull out my phone/camera to capture the memory.  This is the same species that I often find wintering in my stacks of firewood.  No matter how cold it gets outside, they seem to survive.  They wake up when I bring the logs into the house.  Fun watching the cats chase them.  I hope they aren't the type that eats clothing.  The remaining photos are my fungal observations on campus during the past few days.  I'm at Midtown Coffee where the Internet speed is very good.  A good environment for quickly loading these photos.  Not a good environment for concentrating on all the political ruminations these fungi stimulate.  They will come later today from a place where Internet speed is not an issue.  The photos are here.

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