Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Earth Tones Near Home, Part II

I hate the Internet service here!!!  I just loaded 5 photos and only one showed up.  Ugh.  Will try again later.  Did not get a chance this morning when I was in the presence of high speed Internet service.  I'm home again where I usually enjoy myself without the Internet, but I do want to blog.
The above leafy branches are of Cascara Buckthorn or Cascara Segrada, Rhamnus purshiana.
 Days later, maybe the neighborhood is still asleep, but the Internet speed was sufficient to add these four photos to my last post.  The color along our shared driveway has probably peaked.  The oaks, especially, are bright orange, and the Thimbleberry is about the same yellowish green.  The buckthorn (above) which to me has one of the handsomest leaves, is now losing its leaves rapidly.
 This early morning scene with the low sun sending beams slashing through openings in the tall firs and pines reminds me of our das in Leggett where bands of sunlight between the tall redwoods were a daily sight.
 Not many berries this year, but the Thimbleberry is still and attractive sight.

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