Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Crawls Up the Hill

 Until today, nothing new has bloomed in our yard since the Spring Whitlow Grass that arrived a few weeks ago.  Downtown along Main Street the tulips in front of various shops have been blooming for a couple of weeks.  We've only around 100' above the downtown elevation, but we are in the shade of tall firs and pines.  So today, three of our tulips fully bloomed, and there are a couple dozen more waiting in line.

 Our Dandelions are doing great, possibly the best in the neighborhood.  I suspect they are liking the canine excrement and renal outpourings diluted by the recent rains.  And for the last couple of days they've been attracting hundreds of Painted Lady butterflies.
 Today while photographing this activity I enjoyed watching one of our cats lunge at butterflies a dozen or more times with ever catching one.
 I think I'll enjoy this show of Dandelions and butterflies for a couple more days, then cut down the Dandelions before they go to seed. It seems that most people are at war with Dandelions, but I need to have a little fun before succumbing to the neighborhood standard.

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