Friday, March 24, 2017

The Words Will Come

 I took these photos a few days ago to celebrate the arrival of Spring.  But, I couldn't find the words.  Now I'm contemplating a trip to Table Mountain tomorrow, hoping to find a break in the rain.  That's what I'll be thinking about tonight, so I still can't find the words.  But, the words will come.
Mar. 28, four days later, here I am again.  The arrival of blooming Shelton's Violet made my walk up to the FRC water tank a pleasure.  My mind was already wandering toward the planned Saturday trip to Table Mountain.  In preparation for what I might see and what I would specifically look for, I reviewed previous Table Mountain posts on this blog.  Got a chuckle when I discovered a comment posted back in 2015.  A guy from South Africa commented that the "real" Table Mountain, the one in his country, was the superior nature experience.  I wondered if he had actually visited ours, or if he deduced that from the photos on my blog.  At any rate, I don't see it as competition and feel a bit sorry for anyone who does.
I go to Table Mountain for the total experience, not just the flowers.  So, this excellent specimen of bear poop on the road up to FRC's water tanks reminded me of the scatological possibilities at Table Mountain.  I know the cows will not disappoint.
THere was a trickle of a stream meandering down the hill in the dirt road leading to the water tanks.  It is fed by leaks and/or overflows, I'm not sure which.  But there's enough water to support Watercress (above).  A scrawny specimen, but Watercress nevertheless.
This friendly Pacific Chorus Frog did not resist being picked up, nor did he jump out of my hand.  I held him for a couple of minutes and got photos from different angles before placing him where I caught him.
Last, a harbinger of the next wave of wildflowers at this site, some new leaves of Lupine.

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