Saturday, December 5, 2015

In my rear-view mirror

 I'm a little slow getting into the month of December photography-wise.  No new photos for a week.  However, as I look in my archives and delete bad photos, surplus photos, and photos that no longer interest me, I get a nostalgic feeling for the flying dragons of early fall at Dellinger's Pond. 
 Four different species in these photos, and I'm pretty sure all were posted on this blog this past fall.  For much of the fall, the pond was dry, but just a sprinkle of rain brought out lots of insects and birds.
 This was a particularly good day for Dragonflies.  I had been watching the stick in the photo below for at least 15 minutes when two different species of Dragonfly landed simultaneously.
This event triggered my memory of one of my favorite passages in Thoreau's Walden in Chapter Nine, "The Ponds," centered around the idea of Two Fish on One Hook.  And that happens to be the title of a book on Thoreau written by my late cousin Ray Tripp, Jr. So, that's a sample of what's in the rear view mirror of my mind.  Tomorrow morning I'm going to try to look forward again and find some new subjects.

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