Saturday, February 7, 2015

It's not over 'til it's over

The power was restored in Quincy around 4:00 this afternoon after 30+ hours of chaos.  The college shut down early on Friday, and people started buying beer, chips, and batteries.  I bought toilet paper and cold cereal.  Should have bought gasoline, but didn't anticipate the stations having to close.
Witnessed extremes of human behavior last night and today.  On the plus, I greatly enjoyed listening to my son Greg Willis and his friend Johnny Walker play blues by candlelight at the Drunk Brush Friday night.  Kudos to all concerned for holding this event even though the power was out and all other businesses were closed and events were cancelled.  Had a similar feel to the movie Titanic. Lots of efforts to keep spirits high despite reports that we might be without power for days.
During a break in the rain at mid-day today, I drove around to inspect conditions and spotted this great rainbow from Quincy Junction Road.  The forecast calls for certain rain tomorrow and likely rain on Monday.  Hopefully, it won't be accompanied by horrific winds.  If I have internet service tomorrow, there will be more photos to post and more stories, including the one I announced in my previous post. I'll call it "Beware of Knowledge."


  1. Thanks, Spencer. I'm getting closer to that promised post "beware of knowledge, but I'm a little nervous about the Yahoos around here. Gov. Jindahl has added to the anti-knowledge movement. Knowledge is becoming extinct!

  2. It's the know ledge that drops one off the abyss... Or perhaps allows one to climb to the pinnacle... I suppose it depends on perspective! I prefer the climb...