Saturday, September 6, 2014

Friday morning sights

 Sights on the way to work included lots of yellow flowers blooming.  The Gum Plants (above) along the highway look especially hardy these days while most species of wildflowers have dried up and gone to seed.  I've always found it interesting how the August wildflowers are mostly yellow.  My observations account for a very small sample.  Has anyone from other ares noticed this?
Another local species that thrives in late summer as well as playing host to interesting bugs is the non-native Tansy. This one had a crab spider visitor, but now the stretch of road where I took this photo has been visited by the rather aggressive road department weed eater.  What remains is an ugly stretch of splintered wooden stems and fragmented foliage.  At least now it's all exactly the same height.  Like a lawn of sorts.  Or a large sweat shop.

"I am struck once again by the unutterable beauty, terror and strangeness of everything we think we know."  A gem from Ed Abbey passed along by a friend.

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  1. Hi Joe,

    I have noticed this! Yellow flowers at the end of the season, another notable one that we discussed on my last visit was Blazing Star.