Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Too Wet to Fly

I could only spare about 15 minutes.  Not enough time to dig into the last files of my trip to the Tahoe Rim Trail, nor my trip to Brady's Camp.  I will definitely do that when the dust settles.  With two days of rain so far, the dust is definitely settling.  So, with that 15 minutes, I grabbed my camera and head for a shopping errand at Safeway.  Made three quick photo stops along the way.  First, on a patch of Tansy in front of a neighbor's house, I found a Bumblebee too wet to fly.  When I poked her, she barely moved at all.  When I kept on poking her, she eventually got disturbed enough to flail at me with her legs.  Still too wet to fly or to try to sting.  I then took about a five minute walk in the vicinity, and when I got back she was still in the same spot.  Probably will stay there until it warms up tomorrow afternoon, then fly to other flowers.

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